Monday, July 17, 2006

This past weekend I was in Las Vegas. It had it's ups and downs. The misplacement of my debit card (it fell in the back seat of my car) was definitely a down. I had a wonderful time with Sean and his family. I admired the Madame Alexander Banshee doll and was about to purchase her when Mrs. Nixon bought her for me. It brought tears to my eyes. She treats me very well. I have finished the bust increase of the sweater. Now it's just under 4 inches of the simple repeats. After that I have the trouble of finishing the front and back. I'm worried about messing it up.
On the reading front in Vegas, I focused on the book club book On What Grounds. The author established the characters for the series. I felt she/he (it is a writing team) skimmed on mystery part of the story. I had Wives and Daughters with me but it was way to large to carry around Vegas. I am still enjoying Wives and Daughters and can't wait to finish it. I am finally in the 400s and chapter 40s of 60. I also have picked up Edith Warton's House of Mirth. I enjoyed the movie when it was in theaters.
On TV: Berkley Square

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