Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have my next sweater project. It's going to be Poppy from Yarnplay. I have half the yarn I need. Little Knits in Seattle is having a sale on BAGS of Noro Cash Irohna. I just need the silk garden for the sleeves.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A friend who will know who she/he is when they read this left a comment here that got me to thinking about what I expect from a yarn store. She (as I tend to use the female for singular people) mentioned her new knitting group wasn't crazy about her lys and prefered a store I haven't been to. I love my friend's lys; it is small, packed with yarn and it is the first place I bought yarn.
The women at this store remember me even though I live 4 hours away and haven't been in that often. The selection of yarn is great and the needles are good. However, I understand why other people would not be fond of the store. There is one woman in particular who is very disparaging of the internet. I was shopping for yarn for a pattern off of and it was almost like I was asking for Red Heart. Another time I mentioned the Tilly Tomas contraversy and she didn't believe that internet retailers had as much expense as brick and morter retailers. The other reason the knitters may avoid this store is it is a bit of a drive for them from their town.
This past weekend I was in Boulder, CO. I finally visited Shuttles, Spindles... I picked up another drop spindle (I think I have found one I really like), Mountain Colors Barefoot sock yarn, and No Sheep for You. The store is nice I LOVED the needle selection and pointed out some needles that would give Sean some private rewards later if he happened to purchase them ever (Lantern Moon size 19s and their DPNs). The store was larger with a great book selection Amazon last time I checked had No Sheep for You as a presale still. I casted on the Tuscany Shawl with some bamboo I had scrapped from another project. I'm loving this pattern. The sock yarns were fabulous they had the Mountain Colors, Koigu, and the Cascade one. They sold Manus(?) del Uruguay, and an entire room full of millends but overall the colors weren't really my taste. Sean as always did math while I shopped.
I was looking for Shaefer Anne to make a shawl out of Victorian Lace today. I had bought some purple lace weight baby alpacha and started a shawl that will be given to one of the mothers, but I quickly realized I don't like purple. The Boulder store sold Schaefer but not Anne. I had earlier found some Anne I loved at; they have free shipping on orders of $50 or more. I didn't get it because I knew that I was already going to a yarn store and if I found something I liked better then Sean would lecture. I ordered two skeins of the Anne in midnight blues, and a sock blocker keychain. I placed the order Friday night, and Monday received my yarn. I quickly wound it up and e-mailed a thank you to the owner of the store who included a handwritten note of thanks, and wondering what I was making with two skeins of Anne. When I told her she asked for a photo and understood why it will take two years to possibly make. I am a slow lace knitter. The lesson I've learned on this particular project is don't buy yarn just because it's the prettiest in the store. It may not be a color you personally like.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Alright a life update, I was invited to lunch last Wednesday for a department lunch at CPK. As former roommates can tell you I LOVE CPK. I can eat off of every section of the menu. I'm a vegetarian this is very rare.
So we went to lunch today and my wonderful coworkers totally surprised me by having this lunch as an engagement shower. It was mildly spoiled, but I was not expecting a gift. My boss gave me a card (which was beautiful Jen I need to show it to you). I looked at it and thought I could totally make this. I was reading all of the lovely things that my coworkers wrote and saw there was two bills in there one was a $20. I flipped over to see what the card really said and exclaimed Oh my God. I am still in shock I got teased with what you thought we just gave you 20. The money went strait into the savings account and into the wedding fund.
It was lovely. I do love the people I work with.
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I don't know who other than a few acquaintances read this, but I need advise from anyone who knows the Tampa, FL area. Sean and I will be there the last week in March for a conference/mini vacation. We are going to be in the Downtown area near Palm Street I think. The conference is at the Hyatt Regency. Does anyone know an affordable hotel in that area?
Thank you in advance.
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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sean commented that I haven't put photos on the blog lately. I haven't had any finished knitting projects done. I have a sock, and two scarves that I'm working on. I finally finished a scarf for my mother. I hated the yarn (it was novelty and gifted) and I think the scarf is short. She's wearing it with a suit though so it should work.
I also took some photos of the cross I found at Hallmark. Thank you Jen for being willing to give me yours. I also bought two canvases for my bedroom. I love the smaller one.
I am:
Ursula K. LeGuin
Perhaps the most admired writing talent in the science fiction field.

Which science fiction writer are you?

I'm jealous of her. She is the daughter of Kroeber who started the Anthropology program at Berkley and her mother wrote Ishi. Which I can't find my copy. I'm now troubled. I wanted to reread that.
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Sunday, February 04, 2007

My apartment is getting all decorated. I bought two canvases for the bedroom in mixed media, collage art. I love them, and today I finally found a cross for my apartment at Hallmark. It never occured to me to look there. I've looked at all these independently owned stores but never thought Hallmark. It was a Duh moment.
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