Saturday, July 08, 2006

My friend Jen posted about yarn store adventures in Cambria/SLO. I have discovered I hate the yarn in the Asana tank for myself. So I as I was going to the yarn store today to ask about a curious bit of instruction in the sock pattern, I also was going to see how hard it would be to salvage the Asana Tank yarn into yarn for the Honeymoon Cami I had planned to knit for my mom. My mom however says "I'll take it; I'll take it" about the Asana Tank, thus saving me from returning the 4 balls left to Ball and Skein. Because while at Sit "n Stitch today I found a great color and yarn to make the Honeymoon Cami from It being an ecru color in alpaca (at a cheaper price than the cotton yarn would have been) I had to make it for myself. I have casted on and also have now started Christmas Knitting. Yippi!!! Jen, I have not forgotten about your fingerless gloves. I also have a skein of the alpaca/silk blend up for grabs to make another pair for anyone intersted. No shopping for me for the next bit of time.
Edit: I've knitted a few rows on the Honeymoon Cami and already made a mild mistake darn twisted stitch eyelet border. No one but I will ever notice though. I love the yarn I'm working with. I also have 3 rows on my first sock. Now who to gift them to when they are done. Ponderings of importance indeed.
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