Monday, July 03, 2006

I spent the long weekend at my friend Jen's. She's one of my favorite people in CA, and I love her town. I finished the fingerless gloves and she gave me baby alpaca to knit her a pair. We also stopped into Ball and Skein in Cambria for yarn. I have enough to knit Asana from I have finished the two waist tabs and have started the lower band.

On the literature front I finished Hex and the City by Simon R. Green. I love his Nightside series. It was the fourth book in the series. Also Jen gave me a framed photo she had taken of the beach across from her house. It's now hanging in my bedroom by the window near my bed.
On TV: Ballykissangel Series 2 disk 2


Magius said...

I think I saw that book in the bookstore when i was with Dafna one time and i said that you would love this book, I should so pick it up for you...and then i didn't. But it looks like you read it anyway, and i'm glad you enjoyed it. :c)
I will get your books back, sorry for sitting on it so long.

Lumie said...

Thank you. It's fine with the books. I'm holding onto your's just as long. I really like the Nightside books they are a fun noir.