Saturday, March 24, 2007

I started and finished the Italian Job hat from The pattern is fantastic and I loved working on it.

I was super sensitive however when working with the yarn and when I was wearing it. It has undergone a strong blocking process. I will find out tomorrow if this is a hat for me or if it will be a gift.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

I am starting to feel like an adult. I am 24 years old. I should be defending my thesis the week of 4/9. I do my own taxes. I am getting married in two years.
I've noticed in decorating my apartment that I am moving away from the framed posters into more artlike pieces. They mostly live in my bedroom and bathroom and I found them on or in a coop type shop in Madison. I thought I would share the pieces that I have purchased and hope to keep for long period of time. Sean is saying he is saving any framed posters for his office so they still feel loved. Although I don't think the classic Audrey posters are going anywhere anytime soon. I just want to incorrporate more adult like pieces with them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I was shopping for Missy's birthday present earlier today. (It was later ordered off of Amazon.) I found The Sandman Papers edited by Joe Sanders in my local comic bookstore. I am still thinking about gifting it to someone, but it was neat finding an academic like text in House of Secrets.
I got a beautiful skein of Yarn Pirate. I wasn't crazy about it in the photo, but I love it in person.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's not Reinbach or Maryland Sheep and Wool, but does anyone want to come with me?
Lisa Souza will be there. She is amazing. I'm hoping to be able to take a drop spindle course.
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am thinking of posting yarn here to swap. I have some very nice yarns that I will probably never use. The problem that others might have is I have a tendancy to wind all of my yarns. They probably be Plymoth Alpaca and Malabrigo.
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To answer Jen's question the sock forms I have are from The Loopy Ewe ( The exact URL to take you to the blockers and miss out on all of the wonderful yarn is Sherri, the owner, is a really sweet woman who writes personal notes on all of her orders. The site offers free shipping for orders over $50. She also has a FREQUENT Buyers program. For every $250 you spend you get $25 off; she has a program that keeps track of your spending for you. I currently am at $75. There is a link in the left side column that is clickable and will take you to the site.
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I finished The Monkey socks without running out of yarn. I was close and I'm now working on Queen of cups with Scout Swags Snow Bunny. It is really hot in LA. I am finished with buying all of my accessories for the wedding (yes I know the ceremony is May of 2009).

I finally will be defending my thesis proposal May 22nd at 5 PM.
Edit: My defense has been pushed back to the beginning of April because a committee member wants her revisions included before the defense. I am just annoyed because I already made the arrangements to get the time off of work and to make up the time.
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Friday, March 09, 2007

I had a long day yesterday. It starts leaving for work at 6:40 AM and getting home around 10:20. I still had proposal edits to do only to find out that the guy who always backs in had backed partially into my spot and his. This made it EXTREMELY difficult for me to park and I had to deal with not hitting his car or scraping the shit out of mine more.
I got to my door to find that the UPS man hid a package under my welcome mat. I got two bags of Noro.
I then sat down to make the last round of thesis edits before my proposal defense. I quickly made all the edits and started on the proposal work cited page. I had all of the texts either written down or easily at hand to write except for ONE. This was a problem because the text had been borrowed by a member of my thesis committee. I looked for the article in the library catalogue, on Amazon, I googled the author. I finally googled my citation. I found another article that cited the same work. I quickly found the citiation on JSTOR and wrote it into the work cited page.
I am worried that I will not have enough yarn for the socks I'm knitting on. I'm going to have to do something for the second socks toe. I had enough yarn for a pair of lady's US size 8 socks. I'm making a pair of lady's US size 10 socks.
I contacted The Fold today to get another skein and they didn't have any. Blue Moon Fiber Arts is out of the particular weight I need. The Fold has a lot of medium weight yarn though. I ended up buying a skein of Rocktober which is one of Toni's (owner of the fold) favorites from last fall. She told me that she saved a skein for herself at Reinbeck.
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

I am coveting the pink snowman head stitch markers over at I have a set of her penguins and I love them. I'm already on the foot of my first monkey sock. I'm destashing some of my sock yarn and I am definately making this pattern again. I'm excited about the sock plan I've come up with, and it reminds my mother of her grandmother who used to make mittens for everyone.
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Friday, March 02, 2007

I've figured out a way to decrease/increase my sock yarn stash. Everyone that I'm going to be with on Christmas Morning is getting a pair of handknit socks. This has been a great way to knit up some absolutely beautiful yarn that had me looking at it and going this is great, but I'll never wear it.
I've also joined the Creative Mom podcast Altered Trading Card Exchange. This way I get to make cards but they are only 3.5"x2.5" instead of a normal card size which is nice because it uses less resources. The size constraint also makes me think more on exactly what I want to do because space is limited. This months prompt is a Space of One's Own has me thinking of Virgina Woolf's essay a Room of One's Own. This essay is one of my favorite pieces of roughly first wave feminist writings. I am trying for a Victorian theme on the card because Woolf looks closely at the Brontes and Austen. It is sad that even in 1929 Gaskell's work is already fading from popular opinion.
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