Friday, October 26, 2007

Does anyone want 4 balls of Elsebeth Lavold Angora yarn? I have 4 balls in two different colors. I am seriously allergic/sensitive to angora. I didn't touch the yarn this time. I was looking through a Rowan pattern book that was next to the yarn, and I am now so itchy it isn't even funny. It is really lovely yarn please give it a nice home.
Jen tagged me for my first ever meme. It is the list of 8 random things about my kitchen meme, thank you Jen. Now I wonder couldn't my mom (do you approve of that title) find my blog next month?
Here goes nothing:
1. My high upper cabinet above my stove are empty except for teapots because I have no conviant way to get items out of them.
2. It has been stocked almost entirely by Bed Bath and Beyond thanks to my mom, Uncle Mike, and the 20% off coupons.
3. I can never get the floor clean even after people (thank you Carmen) have scrubbed it. After it was gleaming, a construction worker marked it back up.
4. I love aprons but only own one which hangs by the window.
5. My wok is the most used pan I own.
6. I own a double boiler. I like to baked and plan to try a new chocolate pie receipe soon.
7. I only own four knives.
8. It is visably slanted due to earthquakes.
I am tagging Sean, Stephen, and Carmen. I doubt anyone will answer the challenge, but it will be interesting to see the results if they do.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My mum found my blog today, Hi Mum, via Jen's blog. Jen has all of her friends and family listed by their names so it wasn't hard. I just hope my writing does not shame mum too badly.
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Editted to keep with the same naming theme.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I had a good time this weekend. Sean came into town and much busyness was had. Friday we did errands and stayed around the apartment thus satisfying my need to do things with his desire to be lazy. Saturday, we met Jen and her friend up in Santa Barbara. We met at Knit and Pearl's a tiny but nice yarn store there. Jen needs to teach the friend how to be a nonknitter in a yarn store, always have a book. Sean views this as his chance to read or do math. We had lunch with them and had black stuff fall into our bread basket and drinks. We all traveled down to Montocito(?) to have Jen's dad take some good photos of Sean and I. I got lost which frazzles me beyond belief.
Sunday included a stressful lunch. Sean met my grandparents for the first time. All seemed to go well; he said maybe twenty words. Monday morning he flew back to CO and today I remembered that I hate waking up alone.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have a friend who claims that I only knit socks. It irritates me quite a lot though I know she doesn't mean it to. I knit more lace than anything else. I have knit two sweaters, one camisole, and a lot of scarves. I only knit socks exclusively when it is over 90 degrees and I do carry one with me in public because they are portable. I also carry a scarf or whatever I happen to want to finish soon. Yet this friend tells everyone I only knit socks. I find it odd.
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The bad news of the weekend I caught the flu that is going around work. The good news I finished my Sock Swap Partner's socks. I still need to obtain a bookmark and some CA goodies.
The bad news I frogged Sean's mother's shawl. The good news I recasted on in a different pattern and so far so good.
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Friday, October 05, 2007

I was digging in the stash last night looking for my Sheepaints bamboo yarn. I rediscovered my Gingerbread Dude. I swear I could cuddle with this yarn. The only reason I'm talking about this is Jen fell in love with the Oregon Red Clover Honey yarn that she bought two skeins of one for her one for me. I get a note look out for yarn because I want thigh-highs and can't part with the second skein. She went back to Bluemoon and ordered a third skein so I can get some of the yarn. I had picked up some Count Cluckula and some sugarplum for Jen which I did give to her. I'm going back to the site in November for their Raven series.
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Wollmeise has a shop. Shipping from Germany is seriously expensive, but she does refund overages of shipping charges (I got 6 Euros and change back). I managed to get some Lace weight and some sock yarn (it's mine, no selling the good stuff to Nina this time). The color weighs are beautiful. My inner goth scored both skeins look to be lovely red in the colorweighs of Indian Red and Pomogranate. I will be stalking the site for the blackberry colorweigh. It is lovely.
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