Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I received news that every knitter longs to hear. I am an aunt. My sister had her baby today Elisabeth Anne. I now have an urge to knit baby things. I quickly went to B&N to see if they had any pattern books for baby things. They had three. Two I didn't like and one I had a few things already from other books. I did pick up Knitting Nature. I love the patterns and the photographs are lovely. Who needs coffee table books when pattern books are so lovely.
On the reading front, I finished Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. I loved it. I searched for her other works today at the bookstore but didn't see any. I feel that Gaskell picked up in the same area where Jane Austen left off. I'm keeping my eye out for other works.
On TV: Middlemarch


Magius said...

Congradulations to both of you. You must be so excited.

Jen Smith said...

Ohhh, pattern books as substitutes for coffee table books. Sign me up! Great idea Stephanie.