Saturday, April 25, 2009

I lucked out this month. I wrote an essay/story for the Never Not Knitting Podcastabout a shawl that is not working. I found out while listening to episode 17 that I won that months contest of 5 skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed. A nice silk cotton blend of yarn (although knitting with cotton dries out my hands). The yarn arrived this past Monday and I wound it all up and quickly cast on for Liesl a quick feather and fan pattern on US size 10.75 needles. I made it with a high neckline and sleeve that go to just about my elbows. I had this sweater finished by Wednesday. I am going to go to Shuttles Spindles and Skeins buy a button for the high neck just in case I wan to button it up when I wear it.

Sorry for the bad photo, Sean was not being a willing photographer.
On Tuesday morning, I found out that my grandmother had pasted away. She lived a long and good life at 92. She was married to a man who was devoted to her for over 50 years. Most readers will know that I was not close to my fathers mother at all. I was very sorry that I could not be with my father for the funeral. I talked to him over Skype on Tuesday and Wednesday. They were good conversations and I'll see him in just over three weeks for the wedding.
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Just a follow up to yesterday's post, I had e-mailed the seller after looking back over all of my communications where we always discussed 5 items. She responded to me today in a tone that was embarrassed and apologetic. All of her other orders last week were for 4 pieces and she made mine on autopilot. She is making the last piece today to be put in the post no later than Saturday.
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Warning up front, this is another wedding post. I love I have ordered everything from yarns and fibers to pillows for the bedroom from here. In fact, I have a good business relationship with a British photographer,Tiinateaspoon, because of the site. It was a no brainer to look at etsy for gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I found a great seller who makes fantastic jewelry, and she quickly made four necklaces for the bridesmaids in the wedding colors. Sean and I tried to avoid the traditional type of groomsmen gift like cufflinks, beer or alcohol glasses, but it quickly became April and he had no clue what to give the guys. I turned to the same seller and convo'd her about making four sets of groomsmen cufflinks to match the necklaces. She didn't get back to me, so I just bought the guys package of cufflinks for the groom and groomsmen at $150 for 5 pairs of cufflinks, $30 each. She was great in communication and sent off my order.
The order arrived today with only 4 pairs of cufflinks and a gift for the bride. I had looked at buying one of her hair pieces, so she gave me one. I contacted her saying I loved the four sets we received and to see about getting the groom's pair. I didn't mention the financial reason for the message, but I paid for five, we really don't have money to waste with me not working. I'm now wondering if I did the right thing; I feel sick about this. There is a large part of me that wants to receive what I paid for, a smaller part of me doesn't want to rock the boat. I have a good business relationship with the seller and don't want to ruin it.
Does anyone have any advice for me?
This may not have been an issue if I hadn't received so many you are great but others were better for this job notices this week.
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