Monday, April 23, 2007

I need April to go away. This month has been very expensive. The first week I had to fix my breaks, then pay for camera repairs, a new mattress, and I managed to damage the audio in my DVD player.
This weekend I had so so much fun with Jen. I got in to Cayucos before Jen got home from work, so I lunched at Sea Shanty. I worked on my new hat and just enjoyed being out of LA County. We had dinner at Scooner's and knitted and talked until we both crashed.
Saturday we went down to the Cayucos Pier (after getting breakfast at the gas station) and saw her coworkers band Rhodes play. They were great and Jen bought their CD for me. The gas station has the best pasteries. I caved and finally bought the Blue Moonstone from STR. This was the only yarn bought this weekend. We went to Betty's Yarn in SLO. I found amazing fabric for the bridesmaid dresses. We found patterns that would flatter two of my lovely friends. I'm thinking of putting my younger sister in the same skirt with a corsetlike top. We supped at CPK and then went to Stamp Luis Obispo. I found several new stamps and Jen ordered two stamps of the Persuasion letter. I swapped her yarn for one. We visited the new yarn store in town which had some great sock needles.
Sunday was church which is always nice. We went to B&N to pick up books for Ryan and Sarah's babyshower. Jen bought them Animalia by Graham Base, and The Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle. I bought them a book by Carle about a spider. I bought Papa, please get the moon for me. We had lunch at The Madonna Inn with women from Pemberley. I had a wonderful time. I left SLO at 3:40ish and got back to Burbank a little before 7 PM. Traffic was nonexistant for a Sunday.
Jen also gave me a Mary Kay cup that is wonderful for tea.
I was watching a disk of my netflix that had come in and rembered I wanted to check my trunk for a corset pattern. I took everything off of the trunk to get into it, but the dvd player wouldn't go down so I tilted it on it's side. My dvd player is a 5 disk tray changer that had 4 disks in it. I was able to get all of the disks out. I'll find out later this week if they are alright, but the audio is fuzzy now if there is no sound of the scene is quiet. One of the disks in the player was Our Mutual Friend which is one of my favorites.
Currently on TV: The Forsyte Saga: To Let disk 2

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