Friday, April 13, 2007
Apparenly in the HP Universe I am Celestina Quirell. I am totally digging the first name I am lumie after all but Quirell? I don't want to be related to that weak willed Voldermort supporter. The cunundroms we face. keep the rocking first name with the horrible second or regenerate my HP name?
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Jen Smith said...

Hehehe, mine is Narcissa McGonagall.

Love the last name, and even though the character of Narcissa is evil, I like the name (what can I say, the Greek minor in me loves Greek names). Plus it almost fits considering how in love I am with my current sock project (the 2nd rockin' sock).

I've got to order my HP yarn. And be on the lookout for appropriate stitch markers.

Alok said...

You could cheat and take this first name and regenerate for a different last name... :p

Rebecca said...

Hmmmm....I like YOUR name better than mine!

Lumie said...

I'm eventually going to create an e-mail with the name. I can't help but wonder what your's is Rebecca also known as the great goddess of sock swaps.