Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In November I wrote the Oh God its the holiday's again post.   I mentioned I was using a yarn and making a project I desperately wanted.  Last month I made the Shetland Triangle for myself.  It has not been heavy shawl weather here since then.

I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Single Silk a 50/50 silk and merino wool in the color Braun's Woods.  It was knit on US size 9s following the pattern exactly.  This patten takes about a week to knit.  It was a huge hit at Christmas time as a gift.  I love mine the colors all swirl together very 1960s psychedelically especially the browns.  I can see making this shawl again as a gift.  I know a few people have made it out of sock yarn.

In school news, I received my first draft of my thesis back yesterday.  I made all of the changes which were minimal until the conclusion.  I tried to punch up and flesh out the conclusion and worked on explaining the relevancy of the section on the 1976 coup.  I really don't want to lose those 3 pages.

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Rebecca said...

I've wanted to knit that shawl for a while now. Great job! And, congratulations on getting the first draft of your thesis submitted.