Monday, March 02, 2009

After two years, Sean and my wedding is almost here.  The preparations are as complete as they ever will be more or less, dance floor rented, cake paid for, DJ contract sent back.  Invitations are sent out RSVPs are coming back to us.  We got back an RSVP today (can not attend) from a cousin I have never met.  I am sure he has no idea who I am, and I didn't expect any response from him.  I have an aunt who I also don't expect to respond because she did not respond to my cousins wedding invitation or baby shower the following year.
I am not having any of the traditional pre-wedding parties.  I'm a little sad about not having a bridal shower, not because I would like the gifts or attention rather I really miss my close friends since moving to Colorado.  A friend was telling me on Saturday about having to go to Lincoln, Nebraska for a friends shower and then how for her sister they are doing a send the sister a recipe and maybe something from the Pampered Chief catalog.  That idea sounded nice, but seemed to be missing the bonding element.  I'm not sure I would really like a traditional shower.  I would more enjoy an afternoon with my friends, baked goods, and the BBC North and South to drool over Mr. Thornton.  The one thing I am doing pre-wedding is holding a bridesmaid lunch.  This way I get to spend some time with my closest friends just getting to be goofy and to hang out.  Enough of the poor me, I don't get to have what other people have and back to my thesis edits, I need to figure out a way to save three pages of work.

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