Friday, October 10, 2008

So I finished my fall chevron scarf just in time for the weather to get cold. I have been wearing my scarf constantly due to the cold. A daily high of 58 degrees Fahrenheit when it is grey and damp is cold for me. I don't do seasons; I'm from FL. The actual change in weather and being with Sean everyday has put me into a holiday mood. I am happily knitting on Christmas projects, Jen's shawl has four of nine repeats done. I then have to make a sweater for my mom and maybe two pairs of socks. I definitely need to finish Sean's pair.
I bought lighter fluid for the lighter the other day so I have been able to burn candles, which is something I've missed doing. We just need to find appropriate smelling candles to cover up the smell of cooking bacon.
Currently on TV: Nothing.

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