Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I didn't really sleep last night. I tried but I saw 4 AM. I woke up today, and I walked all over town doing wedding stuff. I discussed when we should sign up with Men's Warehouse for tuxes (answer soon) to Barnes and Noble to get a book for Sean and I found the CD Filteau wanted. After BN, I went to the Boulder wedding shop. We finally found a bridesmaid dress that works for everyones body type and in the wedding color. I have already heard one person say they loved the dress. When I got home, Sean was here and we discussed what tuxes he was looking for. I found out what Sean wanted and I went back to Men's Warehouse and got all of our information entered. The next thing I know it was 5 PM. Tonight we are going over to a friend's to watch Fringe and Heroes. I'm excited, but a little tired.
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