Thursday, October 16, 2008

There has got to be another person on the planet who has my problem. I am physically unable to wear shoes other than my Rainbow Sandals. I could probably buy them multiple times a year I wear them so much, instead of every May. Since May in the closed toe shoe department, I have bought a pair of Mephisto Mary Janes, a pair of Padigonia ballet flats, and some Clarks Slip On Loafers. They all cause me to blister in different parts of my foot. Today I went to The Walking Store; I had my foot measured (I do know my actual shoe size 7 1/2 or an 8 so the wrong size shoe isn't an issue ) tried on about 6 pairs of shoes. There were only three pairs of shoes that possibly could work. One pair was so ugly that there is no way I would ever spend $119 on them. I liked two pairs one is $124 (I need to see if we have the money) the other pair is a pair of clogs that are $190. I haven't gone absolutely nuts. There isn't any way on God's green earth that we can afford those. I don't know how I am going to cope with the cold coming on.
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