Monday, September 08, 2008

The car is working again. I hope it stops missing CA because it is getting expensive. I had it jumped this morning where it started right away. The guy from AAA told me to let it run for 25 minutes then drove away, and I started to leave. It was raining so I turned on my lights. The car instantly died with me in the middle of my parking lot with the car in reverse and on. I called the guy back. He jumped it again told me he thought the battery was done. I had been wondering if I should drive the car to Sears 20 miles away in Longmont or go to the garage 2 miles away. I chose the closer garage due to the battery having died on me once already. I was at the garage by 10:50 and home by 12. I stopped to get gas on the way back home got back in the car and it started right up again. I know it is silly but the car had been dead for a week. It is so nice to have a working car again. I can now keep on job hunting. The funny thing was we didn't have electricity in our apartment building from 10:30 to 1:40.
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