Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I want the Jane Austen Tote for a knitting bag. I was bad today and caved and bought the Gingerbread Dude Socks That Rock. I am half done with the edging of the wedding shawl. I know I have just under two years, but I don't want to be mad dashing on my knitting and blocking while doing a hundred other things.
Currently on TV: Nothing listening to The Best of As It Happens


Jen Smith said...

Yes, no jumpers for the BF...wouldn't want to tempt the curse.

Luckily for me, Brad is just a friend. No need for the curse to strike.

Lumie said...

Yes, as I was telling Sean the story about the yarn he was telling me why jumpers were bad. He doesn't want to tempt the curse either.