Friday, August 24, 2007

I stumbled back onto the Republic of Pemberley's Cafe Press store. I want the What would Jane Knit tote bag. It would make a fine knitting bag. I wonder where is the Elizabeth Gaskell store. I want a I married my Roger Hemley coffee mug.
On the knitting front I finished 20 repeats of the Willow Leaf lace border on one side. I thought I would need to knit 37 repeats but that won't be enough. I may need to knit the 57 repeats that are called for on the pattern. It is a lovely border. I just worry about yardage.
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Jen Smith said...

I forgot my phone again, but I got your message. 2:00pm Yarn Harlot in LA. Got it!

Gryffin said...

Am I reading correctly thaat the Yarn Harlot is coming, and you are going to see her?!?!??!

Not to worry about the yardage, all will be well

With Love,

Lumie said...

Yes Jen and I are going to go see the Yarn Harlot at the LA County Public Library Central branch. I think I should be safe on the yardage but I always worry.