Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am scrapping the original Hufflepuff socks for the sock swap. I am going to finish them eventually and if Miss Socks in the City wants them they are hers. The new socks are being made in the same pattern as the original pair from Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarns. These socks are more Hufflepuff inspired, but I think they will be pretty or else next week while visiting Jen I will look to see if Ball and Skein has the right color of black Bearfoot. The Bearfoot is a little splittie but really nice. I know these will keep my partners feet warm during Winter in England.
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Jen Smith said...

Gah! I was going to call you back today, but I left my phone somewhere! I think it's at Bret and Andrea's but it could also be at the gas station or Trader Joe's....gah!