Monday, August 20, 2007

I had a fantastic weekend with my friend Jen. Friday night we had dinner with her sister, brother, and grandmother. After dinner, I signed up for Lime and Violet's Chore Wars, and we went to the Sea Shanty for Swamp Pie. After pie we went back to Jen's and knitted while watching Say Anything. (The actor Loren Dean was Ethan Hawk's brother in Gattaca).
Saturday was a busy day full of yarn. We went to Eileen's Treasures in Pismo Beach. It is a cute store with great needles and a good magazine collection. I didn't buy yarn. Lunch was at Nucci's where we had Rasberry Salad and Pizza. I was a dunce and didn't read all of the ingrediants so the pizza had ham on it. The people at the store rocked and got me a really good slice of cheese that I could eat.
After lunch, we went to Yarns at the Adobe to knit with friends of Jen's. I again didn't buy yarn; Jen bought Victorian Lace today. (I'm currently hunting the internet for lace weight yarns for a gift for Jen). While at Yarns at the Adobe Jen got a phone call from Morro Bay Fleece Works saying I'm open. All of my good work not buying yarn went out the window (the yarn I did buy was all local yarns. I got a skein of Alpaca and 4 skeins (1200 yards) of undyed fingering weight that I need to figure out if I want to beg Miss Dharmafay to dye the yarn up for me.
We then went to tea at the Cast House. It is a wonderfully restored home in Cayucus, CA that serves a great tea. If you are on the Central Coast Friday-Sunday please check out the Cast House for a wonderful tea. They have broken up the sweet and savory listings and have a sample tea. They mix the teas with different dishes to really accent the flavors. The Thousand Steps Oolong with the chocolate pinafours was heaven. I'm going to be on a lookout for that tea as well as the Silver Nettle and the Jasmine Pearl tea. The Oolong turned the tea into hot cocoa. I'm not kidding. We were suppose to go to Ball and Skein and More after Tea. We called them and let them know that we would be coming. After Tea we called and they were closing early. I LOVE that store, but I was really disappointed in them for closing and I am not sure Jen's friends will go back to the store. I still wanted to look at yarn so we head to Mr. Smith's office to look at yarn online. I also didn't buy yarn although I was tempted by
Saturday night, I helped make dinner for Jen's family. It was good, so I was happy. Saturday night included games. Monster's Inc. and MI5. Mr. Smith agreed to take photos of Sean and I in October this makes me so, so happy. Sunday we went to church, I saw Ryan and Sarah's baby (she is beautiful). We had lunch with Brandon at Novo.
The drive home took 4.5 hours roughly. Santa Barbara of course had horrible traffic. Jen says she will come down for the Yarn Harlot. I'm going to try and make her stay as nice as she made mine.
Today at work I went home early because I was really sick to my stomach. This morning I was achey and nauseous. I was actually sick and still felt sick. One of the heads of the machine shop was kind enough to drive me home. I crashed and I just slept. I did get in the car to get some stuff from Trader Joes.
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Gryffin said...

Icky Poo!!!

I am soooooooooo sorry to hear that you are not feeling well..
but the weekend sounded awesome and I am quite jealous.

Miss you!

Jen Smith said...

Sick! Oh no, what made you sick? I hope you feel better soon.

I had a wonderful, wonderful time with you. I always enjoy your visits, and miss you very much every time you leave.

I can't wait to see you again in September. And joy of joys, it's not the same weekend as Andrea's stamping party! Yea Yea!

Lumie said...

I am not sure what happened. I was achey and nauseous yesterday to the point I went home early to go to sleep.
I'm glad you don't have to miss Andrea's party. The Harlot updated her tour page with the library's address. It doesn't have a time yet. Also Jana from White Oak Studio is dyeing me some more Buffy Yarn. I feel special.

Jen Smith said...

I checked the Harlot's page this morning. Very exciting to get to see her!

I read up on dyeing last night. Not sure I'm ready for it yet. So complicated and akin to chemistry which triggers many bad memories of high school. Maybe I too will thrown my Fleece Work yarn at DharmaFey and beg her indulgence. :)