Sunday, December 10, 2006

The yarn diet unfortunately got postponed a little bit. Lisa Souza is offerning a new yarn to help out Miss Violet, I ordered that and then I had to go to the LYS for needles only to find out that all yarn was 30% off. I picked up two skeins of Noro Kureyon, a skein of Manos, 4 skeins of Elizabeth Levold Angora. I also picked up hemp yarn for I do like how all of my yarn purchases were consumer friendly.
I received my Anne from the store in Seattle. I had to hand wind all of that and it took FOREVER. I casted on for Parthenope on two circular needles and I finished the set up chart. I am on the heel of the second Riff Raff sock, and so I casted on for Edie. I frogged the Icarus Shawl to remake it in Brown Bunny. I also finished Agatha Christie's The Moving Finger which I quite liked. It wasn't the typical mystery from her.
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Jen Smith said...

"Cheating already??? Impressive, most impressive," says the woman who bought 3 more skeins of Paton's lovely wool/soy blend to knit up some Christmas presents.

Lumie said...

It wasn't just a cheat; it was a total yarn binge. I got a lot of yarn. I have projects for all of it except for the Angora. I'm thinking a hat. I am also excited about the Pink Ribbon sock yarn also.

Jen Smith said...

I bought yarn to knit a hat for Brandon yesterday...and then there was a pretty khaki and navy variegated that would also make a nice hat so I bought it too. Good thing I'm on a food diet and not a yarn diet, eh?

Jen Smith said...

Gah! I must share this hi-larious site with you:

I laughed until I cried. Tacky fun!