Monday, December 04, 2006

The yarn diet starts now. I do not need to buy anymore yarn until after the New Year. I currently have started or yarn for my mom's Asana tank, fetching gloves, a cable scarf, a hat, an Icarus Shawl, Jen's scarf, a Clapotis, four pairs of socks (at least), a Parthenope Shawl and Edie. This is not counting the projects people are giving me the yarn to make. The good news is that most of these are gifts. I need to sit down and knit them.
Yes, I have looked at this list and it is telling me no yarn until February. I am now off to clean out the bookmarks.
Edit: Bookmarks of online yarn retailers have been deleted. I have pulled out the needles and frogged Jen's scarf so I can wind up the yarn into a ball and thus the project will be portable. I'm going to also frog the bamboo Icarus and use the lace weight yarn I have on that. I think this is going to be a good project when it is all said and done.
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Jen Smith said...

Thank you Lumie dearest! The package you poasted last week arrived yesterday, and I love every item in it! You are too good to me. I can't wait to start on my first pair of socks once I've finished a handful of Christmas projects.

Love you,

PS Have you discovered the sticks and string podcast? Check it out at

Lumie said...

I am so glad you like your gift. I have reclaimed the yarn for your scarf, balled it up and am going to cast on for it again soon. I'm glad you like the yarn.
I have deep affection for the Sticks and String Podcast.