Saturday, December 02, 2006

It was a Hugh Jackman day.
I was able to see The Fountain for free today thanks to a friend who can get into Academy screenings. It was really, really good. I didn't like Pi (I know Sean this is all but a dumpable offensive) and I haven't seen Requiem for a Dream. This lead to me being slightly unsure of what I was getting into even though I really like the lead actors. I was tearing up in places. The story is nonlinear which is a technique that I like, and I felt that it made the story flow better than if it had been a traditional linear story.
I broke a size 2 DPN on Sean's sock and so I went to Unwind to look for knitting needles. I picked up some Alpacha to do the toes and heel of the second sock. This is making a machine washable pair of socks into hand wash, but I have worries about the yardage of my yarn. I also picked up a cable hat pattern and the size 17s needed for that.
After finding out that UCLA beat USC, I got my final push to see a movie tonight. I went to see Flushed Away (where the main character is voiced by Hugh Jackman) which I loved. Aardman (is that spelled right) likes to do sight gags. I was the only one who laughed at England losing to Germany on penalty kicks, oh well. The movie was really cute, although I am worried that I knew all of the songs used in the movie (and was singing along).
The foot of Sean's sock is stuck at 7 inches; it is taunting me knowing I am knitting until it is 9 inches.
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