Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So I am doling out assignments.
Jen, I need the baby blanket pattern you used for Steggy. Sean, I need you to find out what colors Grenny likes that aren't gender specific.
Then I get to make the trip to Jen's sometime in the next 8 months to get the yarn at Betty's.
Currently on TV: Nothing listening to Lime and Violet


Jen Smith said...

I shall copy the pattern and email it to ya tomorrow. And maybe tomorrow I'll post a new blog. I'm such a slacker...I haven't even listened to sticks and string yet. Where are my priorities?

Lumie said...

Thank you. I'm thinking of just using the same colors and yarn as Steggy as well.
You haven't listened to sticks and strings yet how shocking. David Ruddy is a weekly highlight in my apartment.