Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This past weekend was wonderful. Jen has blogged about it also at Also Jen can I have the pattern info for Baby Steggy's blanket. I arrived at her apartment at the same time that she did (love coincidences like that) and we went to the Cayucos Wine and Cheese festival after making appropriate stops first. I found a wine that I want to buy to share with guests who come to my apartment (JanKris Picaro or Crossfire), but it isn't sold in the Burbank area and would cost close to $30 for a $17 bottle for me to buy it online. We went to one of the local restaurants that had the best fried zuccini. It was made fresh so it actually had taste. Then it was back to Jen's to watch Monarch of the Glend season 1 disk 1. I made good progress this weekend on the SKB; I got upto the purl ridges and small needles and I'm currently half way done with the lace in the bodice.
Saturday we went up to Cambria. Ball and Skein needs to carry the Yarnplay book because they have so much of the yarn for it. I spent probably way to much there but I'm a good ways done with the back of Sloane which is a pattern that I'm doing strait out of the book. The colors of the yarn used in the book model are just to my taste and style. I also don't have to alter the pattern any. I love how knitting patterns are starting to take into account all sized people.
Saturday night was book club, more knitting, and watching Wives and Daughters. The Razor's Edge was a wonderful character study. Jen and I gushed over Gaskell's work and decided we had to read North and South while I drooled over Roger Hamley (I have a Roger). (It's nice to find the literary character Sean's most like). So Sunday after church (which had a fantastic sermon) we went over to B&N. They had two copies of North and South so we grabbed both of them. I'm in the 100s and I love the characters. Gaskell is one of my favorite writers. She was close with Wives and Daughters and North and South is putting her up with Jane Austen.
Today I received my Socks That Rock in Love in Idleness. The yarn is beautiful. I think I'm making Pomotomus socks out of it for me. I needed the beauty of the yarn because I'm worried that I've f***ed up again at work. I followed the schematic though (I think). I need to find a new job.
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shobhana said...

please let me know when you've posted pics of sloane! i'd love to post them to the Yarnplay blog!