Friday, November 03, 2006

I promise I'm working on my thesis proposal (I'm working on the last part of the last section, I hope) as I work on Sean's sock. ( I finished the LIT REVIEW (I feel/hope)). I have to say that he's wonderful with my knitting. I gave him the option on what style hat he would want and his final choice was what would make me happy to knit. He claims it's more important to him that I have fun with my knitting than it be ubersimple. I promise that the socks will be simple.
Edit: I have caved and bought some Socks That Rock for myself. I didn't think Sean would pick up on my hints last night. I bought Love in Idleness for me if anyone is looking for gifts for me Puck's Mischief or Midsummer's Night found here Alright I'm done giving gift hints. I went to Unwind to pick up needles. I got Brittany double points in size 2 and 10 1/2s. I also got a Rowan Pattern Book, and the Blue Sky Alpacha dpns.
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