Monday, November 20, 2006

I am working my way down my first sleeve on the SKB which I still love. I purchased domiknitrix from Amazon. It has the exact flower pattern I've been looking for for the mothers. It calls for Noro though and I haven't seen the right color of Poppy in Noro but I found some in Malabrigo. I contacted Jennifer Stafford about how wonderful the pattern is and to find out how to sign up for the Elfin Goth pattern that you only can get by buying the book and get it from her site. I love that she is doing a local knit along and when she wrote back she asked if I was in the Bay Area and was a size XS because she needs another knitter. Oh how the fates tempt me. I'm a size XS I desperately want to knit this sweater, but I live in the LA area. Damn it. I explained that I do wearn an XS but where I live. I did say it made my morning though. I was set until 1st break at work.
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Magius said...

Dang, I remmeber totally thinking about buying you thta boox for christmas (I think).

pretty awsome about the invite, too bad you're not in the bay area. I'm sure you'll get annother similar opportunity soon.