Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have a yarn rant. I bought a hat kit from Morehouse Farms for Sean's Christmas gift. It is becoming part of his anniversary gift because Sweetie as much as I love you I have a thesis proposal to finish and I've set a deadline. There is no way I can finish a pair of socks in time to get the package to you by the 23rd. I received the kit today. I chose the hat design from the three variations, and I started to wind up the skein of bulky yarn. There are bits of twig in my yarn. I've had this problem before with yarn from Urugay. This yarn is from NY. I made the executive decision with my wallet to not buy from them again.
This is based off of not only my bad experience with the yarn (shipping was great), but with Subway Knitter's issues as well as Miss Lime's problem with their pattern book.
Onto the reading front: I am loving The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (I think). The only reason the book has been put down is because I need to finish the Razor's Edge by the 11th. If you are interested in Historical novels or more information on Vlad the Impalor this book is highly recommended. It's on special at B&N for 20% off, go buy it.
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