Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am not sure I mentioned this but there is a time limit on the Nerd Wars Dissertation. The project has to take 3 months to complete. I work on this as my weekend project as well as the out and about town waiting in line project to slow me down.
10/10/11: I am now at 6 of 12 inches of body before the pattern after knitting this Saturday, Sunday, and two hours Monday knit at a concert.
10/15/11: It is Saturday and that means dissertation knitting. I managed to get to 8 of 12 inches of body before pattern today. I think I may try to get to finish the body up to the sleeve joining this month.
10/18/11: I kept knitting through today to get to the 12” before increasing and starting the pattern. It wasn’t as much knitting time as it sounds as I had a job interview yesterday as well as the Nido anniversary sale and Weekend Handmade demo/signing. I knit 93 rows of stockinette before increasing the 12 stitches. I am increasing after every 17 stitches. I divided 105 by 6 to get 17.5 as my area for even increases.
I may have to take this weekend off of dissertation knitting to finish a baby shower gift. I'm making the cutest little nerd gift. It is the Baby Yoda Sweater that has to be done by November 5th.
Currently Reading: Wishes and Stitches by Rachel Hurron

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