Sunday, August 03, 2008

It is my birthday. I'm another year older, and I have to say that 25 wasn't a bad year. I am starting a new phase of life at 26. I have safely moved to CO. Monday before we moved we went to Claim Jumper with friends. Sean now understands the allure of the Chocolate Calzone. We were hoping to get on the road Tuesday after the movers came. They didn't arrive until 8:00. A Joy Feast order later for Sean, myself, and the friends from Monday we went to their house to sleep for the night. Thank you again for letting us stay with you Tuesday night. Wednesday, we got on the road and it was fine until, we had some difficulty in Nevada 40 miles outside of Las Vegas. When Sean was driving the front passenger tire blew out. One tow back to Las Vegas and three hours of time later, we had four new tires and were back on the road. The first night we made it to Cedar City, Utah. The next day we finished the drive through Utah (I swear that state never ends. I cheered at the Welcome to Colorful Colorado sign. I'm so glad to be able to be with Sean on a daily basis. I was a little people sick Friday. One call to Jen later, I had casted on a new sock and felt a lot better. Jen and the sock helped. I'm looking for a job, and gathering all of my notes for the thesis. I'm excited about this new phase of life. Sean also seems really happy. I also have to say it is nice to have a full size refrigerator again.


Jen Smith said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. I remember around 10pm and pulled out the phone but then panicked wondering if CO is central or mountain time. And I should know that since both of my siblings used to live there!

Your birthday package will go to the post tomorrow.

I miss you!!!!

Lumie said...

It's alright. CO is in mountain time. We are only one hour ahead of CA. I miss you too.