Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I had a good time this weekend. Sean came into town and much busyness was had. Friday we did errands and stayed around the apartment thus satisfying my need to do things with his desire to be lazy. Saturday, we met Jen and her friend up in Santa Barbara. We met at Knit and Pearl's a tiny but nice yarn store there. Jen needs to teach the friend how to be a nonknitter in a yarn store, always have a book. Sean views this as his chance to read or do math. We had lunch with them and had black stuff fall into our bread basket and drinks. We all traveled down to Montocito(?) to have Jen's dad take some good photos of Sean and I. I got lost which frazzles me beyond belief.
Sunday included a stressful lunch. Sean met my grandparents for the first time. All seemed to go well; he said maybe twenty words. Monday morning he flew back to CO and today I remembered that I hate waking up alone.
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Gonch In Goal said...

I'm guessing the black stuff was ash from the all the fires in California. Here's to some rain over there.

And Sean doing math in a knitting store? Certainly fits, though I'd sooner read than do any kind of work.

Lumie said...

It was ash, but it was from a fire that has been burning since August. The fires didn't start in Southern CA until Sunday. They are beyond scary. Sean is very good in the yarn stores. He usually sits in one of the comfy chairs and reads.