Saturday, June 30, 2007

My family is interesting like a Chinese Curse. I don't speak to one great uncle due to a mutual loathing. He made a big deal about giving me the photos he had of me in his home at my grandmother's 90th birthday dinner. He told my father that he thought my Aunt who died earlier this year was a sentemental fool to keep them. This really hurts me, and I am not fully sure I understand it. I only feel pity for my uncle because I know he is alone and the only one who loves him is my grandmother, his sister. I must feel bad because he view me as dirt under his feet.
At the same time he did me a favor, these photos are of me from when I was 4. The dress my grandmother made for me. It is the only photo I have of my grandfather and I together. I have come out better from this encounter not him.
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Gryffin said...

Sorry it went all shitty on you
I am sending you Danielle sized hug vibes right now
31 days and counting!!!