Thursday, June 07, 2007

I decided that I had to see Waitress before it left theaters. It just came to Burbank Memorial Day weekend (that's another rant). I called up Nina who also said she wanted to catch it in theaters to see if she was interested in seeing it tonight.
Student tickets were $10 each. The film was worth the $10. I can't really recall the last time I felt that way. I am buying it when if comes out for Andy Griffith's character alone. I am sad that Adrienne Shelly (is that spelled right) was murdered and this is her last film.
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Jen Smith said...

I really enjoyed this too. Caught it last night at the Palm in SLO. Nathan was charming and funny. Adrienne's script was great, and I'm sure it helped the cast and crew to have such a gifted writer-director. It is a loss that we will have no more films from her.

Jen Smith said...

You are too cool! I got my yarn last night and it is awesome! I even took pictures and posted them immediately to my blog.