Friday, May 11, 2007

A real life update. I caved earlier this month and bought new lamps. This is because my bedside lamp (only 60 watts) has a short in the switch. Yes, I know I can rewire the switch in my sleep, but I don't own the tools yet. I found a set on Target that is a table and floor lamp combo. I was wanting to pick up another floor lamp for the living room so I was there. Today I received the lamps from The UPS guy didn't come until after 7 PM. They are all assembled and in place, but the bulb bought for the floor lamp was to large. I luckily had a spare 100 watt bulb. I replaced all the dead bulbs that were around.
Today the car cost me $230 to change the oil, fuel filter, and transmission fluid. My car is just shy of 30,000 miles. Last month the car also cost a lot due to needing new brakes. I made new keys so Sean can come and go as he please while he's here. He doesn't love me enough to buy me the Sarah yarn. Alok does, but I wouldn't let him buy it.
I have been knitting socks lately, even though I only remember studying for Anthropology of Religion. I finished the first of my Flatiron Socks. I'm worried about yardage. I am using the needle case that I bought from Socks-for-MumNeedle Case Both of her daughters just graduated from Auburn so congratulations again.
Congratulations to Alok as well from graduating from the University of Illinois Chapagne-Urbana (I have no idea if that's spelled right).
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