Monday, May 14, 2007

I finished the first of my flatiron socks. I'm going to name them Bessy Higgins. I feel bad that I've already used Molly Gibson as a sock name although the color was totally Molly.
The link is for Jen. She always says she wants to visit The Loopy Ewe but wants my blog to get the credit. If you are a sock knitter, this is a great site to get yarn, needles, accessories. Sean is visiting soon so I'll have him take photos of some finished objects.
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Jen Smith said...

Don't forget to post your Hogwarts Sock Swap update on May 25th to earn Ravenclaw some points. I shouldn't even be telling you this since Ravenclaw is ahead of us Hufflepuffs, but I love ya so house rivalries can be set aside.

And hey, someone's gotta knock Slytherin from first place!