Thursday, May 24, 2007

I finished my semester last night, so I will have a lot more time to knit and post pictures. This post is for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. I will have photos of other projects up soon. I have a very nice cabled sock from Favorite Socks in some Yarn Pirate that I am very proud of.
I am currently working on the Jaywalker Pattern from Magknits, but I am worried about the socks being to tight. I am knitting them on size 1 Lantern Moon Sox Stix which are my new favorite double points. I haven't taken knitting socks on circular needles yet. I'm way to attached to my dpns.
The socks fit me really well, but I am not the largest person ever. I would love to hear others opinions. So far my new computer battery is working well. I'm calibrating it or what have you. Now off to Disneyland with Sean. Have a great day everyone.
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Jen Smith said...

Lovely, lovely sock! That is one lucky Gryffindor.

I need to send your very own Persuasion stamp! These came out so perfectly. I'm actually quite glad the manufacturer insisted that I go up a size. It is much easier to create a background image with a larger stamp. New goal for the weekend, make up your package!

The stamp is soooo great. I just love stamping with mine. I've made about 20 cards for the Sonoma meeting of Pemberley. Only 25 or so more to go. I'm afraid the Darcy scarf may have to wait one more year.

Gonch In Goal said...

Speaking of Harry Potter and Disneyland, it seems Universal Studios Orlando is going to open an entire Harry Potter theme park>1=7701
Figured you'd want to know.

Lisa said...

Thanks Stephanie, The socks are great and they fit perfectly. The photos are on my blog and the Hogwarts blog. What yarn did you use for these? I just love it.