Friday, March 02, 2007

I've figured out a way to decrease/increase my sock yarn stash. Everyone that I'm going to be with on Christmas Morning is getting a pair of handknit socks. This has been a great way to knit up some absolutely beautiful yarn that had me looking at it and going this is great, but I'll never wear it.
I've also joined the Creative Mom podcast Altered Trading Card Exchange. This way I get to make cards but they are only 3.5"x2.5" instead of a normal card size which is nice because it uses less resources. The size constraint also makes me think more on exactly what I want to do because space is limited. This months prompt is a Space of One's Own has me thinking of Virgina Woolf's essay a Room of One's Own. This essay is one of my favorite pieces of roughly first wave feminist writings. I am trying for a Victorian theme on the card because Woolf looks closely at the Brontes and Austen. It is sad that even in 1929 Gaskell's work is already fading from popular opinion.
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