Friday, March 09, 2007

I had a long day yesterday. It starts leaving for work at 6:40 AM and getting home around 10:20. I still had proposal edits to do only to find out that the guy who always backs in had backed partially into my spot and his. This made it EXTREMELY difficult for me to park and I had to deal with not hitting his car or scraping the shit out of mine more.
I got to my door to find that the UPS man hid a package under my welcome mat. I got two bags of Noro.
I then sat down to make the last round of thesis edits before my proposal defense. I quickly made all the edits and started on the proposal work cited page. I had all of the texts either written down or easily at hand to write except for ONE. This was a problem because the text had been borrowed by a member of my thesis committee. I looked for the article in the library catalogue, on Amazon, I googled the author. I finally googled my citation. I found another article that cited the same work. I quickly found the citiation on JSTOR and wrote it into the work cited page.
I am worried that I will not have enough yarn for the socks I'm knitting on. I'm going to have to do something for the second socks toe. I had enough yarn for a pair of lady's US size 8 socks. I'm making a pair of lady's US size 10 socks.
I contacted The Fold today to get another skein and they didn't have any. Blue Moon Fiber Arts is out of the particular weight I need. The Fold has a lot of medium weight yarn though. I ended up buying a skein of Rocktober which is one of Toni's (owner of the fold) favorites from last fall. She told me that she saved a skein for herself at Reinbeck.
Currently on TV: Nothing listening to Craftlit- Tale of Two Cities.

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