Thursday, January 04, 2007

I was so excited about Sean proposing to me that I forgot to mention Christmas. My mom totally spoiled me. In the nonknitting category because everyone has to do that I received three silicone spatulas. I was excited about that because they are yellow. I also received a much needed muffin pan also silicone (I love baking with those because they are so easy to clean) this was in light blue. My mom found cookware to match my kitchen. I also received DVDs that I had been wanting: Gilmore Girls season 5 and 6, The Sound of Music, 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid, and Coupling season 4.
In knitting stuff my mom bought needles, a stitch dictionary calendar, cable needles, other clover accessories, fun fur (I made her knit with it to see how nasty it is), malabrigo, sock yarn for her, and a ball winder and swift.
Lastly I opened up, a new camera and printing dock with a bunch of neat camera accesoris. I love it. My mom was excited because as she noted this was the first time in 25 Christmases that I have ever gotten excited about a gift. It was completely unexpected.
I then was spoiled by Sean and his family. More dvds, a calendar, books, and then the surprise proposal.
The minor downside was New Year's Eve. My stepmother and siblings live in Thailand and are renevating/building thier house. My father and my family are in Bangkok and I didn't know for a few hours where they were in relation to the bombs. My father said they could hear them, but they weren't close to the blasts.
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