Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I start the spring semester Thursday. This week at work hasn't been all that great, but I will persevere. I am working on my mom's novelty yarn scarf. It is almost finished. I have started another pair of socks for Sean. I'm on the heal flap now. I'm excited about it. I was bad today and ordered more sock yarn for both my mom and Sean. (Must knit from stash, must knit from stash).
I have read some great novels. GO BUY Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs. It's wonderful. It is the sequel to Moon Called. I'm currently reading Daughters of the Raven by Barbara Hambley (I think that's spelled right). I'm waiting for Raven's Shadow by Patricia Briggs from Amazon to quench my thirst for her writing.
I am getting married in May of 2009. I can't believe it. I already have the dress. I'm looking for a bolero jacket to satisfy my mom. I can't find shoes though. It shouldn't be so difficult. Now Sean and I need to decide where we are having the wedding. For the small wedding I want it looks like a FL wedding is in my future. I want it in my hometown; he wants it in his hometown. I need to sleep. Sleep is what I need.
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Magius said...

Sleep is always good :)
I'll check out those books, your recomendations never steer me wrong :)