Saturday, September 16, 2006

I ordered the yarn for the SKB it's from four ply wool in China Teal. I have to wait 3 weeks before I can cast on. I know that the price is good, not as good as the price at knitpicks. It is all about the color and the amount of yarn you get at MCY. It's over 1000 yards of wool for $50. I can't find that at a LYS. I could have had it cheaper from knitpicks, but this is hand dyed. They are dyeing it and then sending it to me. I feel special.
I ordered the lovely Nina's yarn for the clapotis scarf off of kpixie. If you are a knitter, I can't recommend KPixie enough. The prices are fair but the shipments are fast. They shipped my three skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepard's Worsted today. I am already envious of Nina's scarf. Superwash wool in worsted weight. Pardon me as I wipe up the drool. She will be able to wash the scarf. A washable 100% wool scarf, it's almost unheard of. I made one for Sean but it wasn't 100% wool or hand dyed. Sorry Sweetie, I'll work on that.
I saw Nina today also. The Halloween season isn't killing her yet. This is a very good thing. I went into the store where I met Brooke who was Nina's Snow White (Nina's doing a Twisted Fairy Tale Series). I am the biggest geek alive. Brooke asks me if I'm finding everything alright. I say yes as I'm looking at her strangelly. I then apologize explain I'm a friend of Nina's and that she's Snow White. Luckily, Brooke thought this was cute and went and told Nina all about it.
I went to book club last night, and I had pissed off Jan last month. It was by no fault of my own; she still is balancing her meds. Last month was my turn on the shit list. I won her over a little last night by providing good vegan cookies. I have a major soft spot for vegan bake goods even though I am not a vegan. I am a vegetarian, but oh dear lord how I love dairy. I am currently reading a few mysteries, but they are badly written or uninteresting. I want to love the math mystery, Flowers Stained with Moonlight, but the math is the only part she writes well. I'm also reading The Dante Club which I am having hard time with. I just don't like the writing.
I'm still waiting for UPS to come next week with my textbook and novel (novel is another knitting mystery) and makeup. Urban Decay company is located in Costa Mesa, CA. The makeup I ordered was shipped from Hollywood, FL. That is completely the opposite end of the fricking country. Costa Mesa is in Orange County, CA Balboa County is the last county before the border. Hollywood, FL is near where Sean is from and my Dad's friends live in where my sister grew up. I know Hollywood and it's not the Hollywood in CA. I need cool nailpolish and I need it now.
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Magius said...

hmm was Nina the one I met? And you're not the biggest geek alive, i'm sure i'm much worse haha. Either way, we still love you, so don't worry :c).

Lumie said...

Yes, it was when we went to the Makeup/Halloween store. Thank you.