Sunday, June 25, 2006

This past weekend I went to Boulder, CO where knitting and reading were accomplished as well as some quality time with Sean. The pros of the relationship still out weigh the one major con (distance). He was kind enough to let me photograph him in his scarf. That he feels he's probably allergic to.

I was surprised when in Borders he took The Yarn Harlot's book from me and bought it. He enjoys her prose but still doesn't want to pick up any needles. I got a fair bit done on the Blue Sky Alpaca fingerless gloves as well. I had to rip out the lace on the plane to CO. I almost cried. I tried very hard not to need to frog but I had dropped a stitch. The first glove is over 8 inches and looks not half bad.

On TV: Nothing I had a problem with my netflix dvd

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