Sunday, June 11, 2006

So I decided to expand on what is on my needles, I am almost done with my 1 by 1 ribbed scarf. It was going to be my first effort scarf for me. (I try to knit the test knitting for myself.) I decided I hated the color for me. It won't go with either of my two coats or my clothes. Mint green in the three different yarns are beautiful but so not me. I'm going to send it off to my grandmother. The second thing on other needles is a moss stitch scarf for Sean. I love the yarn ( striping the scarf with two different colors of complimenting yarns (damn yarn shortages). I'm not sure when I'll give him the scarf. I've knitted four rows and it's already four inches. I'll focus more on it once I have finished the scarf for my grandmother. Then I think I'm attempting socks from Minds Eye Yarns (they'll be yellow). I have found pretty sock patterns once I master the socks in the pattern book I have.
On the reading front, I was in a Meg Cabbot mood. I reread Boy meets Girl and the tail end of her Mediator series. I'm not crazy about the Mediator series. Jaqueline Carey has another Kushiel book (I think that was a publisher decision) out in hardcover, so next year I'll pick that up. On the thesis front I am stuck in a I don't want to do this any more rut. Currently I'm reading the box of comics and graphic novels that Sean sent. I have all six Fable graphic novels now as well as the monthly issues since 41. Fables is the one series that I can not stop buying. The writing and stories are amazing. I read Sean's 4 (I don't buy Marvel so it's the series he can't stop buying). He also sent me Goon vol. 0, Hellboy vol 6, Hellboy Weird Tales vol 1, and B.P.R.D. vol 1 (anyone else see a pattern forming here). I must know what the Right Hand of Doom does. I'm trying to save money so not much in the book buying department. I did pick up Seven Soldiers of Victory vol 3 Friday. Oh my god Morrision what are you on. I loved the wrap up of Klarion the Witchboy and Zantanna; I'm with you on The Bulleteer but Mr. Miracle and Frankenstein just has a weird sexual undertone that honestly freaks me out. I picked up the series due to the Zantanna part of the story; I'm almost positive that I won't pick up the monthly series. Birds of Prey this past month was good (mainstream superheros outside of the mainstream story). Wonder Woman has been restarted with Donna Troy in the starspangled panties and it works. Rachel Dodson of Spider Man Evil That Men Do is one of the artists along with her husband. What's great about with the restart, WW isn't suffering from the disjointed feel of the rest of 1 Year Later that DC is going through (although apparently there is an Animal Man sighting in the recent 52). (I love Animal Man and he should be spotlit more). Lastly I picked up Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. I personally am a sucker for anything Kara. She rocks; I'm looking forward to seeing how the new creative team does with her main book. They got to start with 1 Year Later but I want to know why Supergirl and Powergirl are on Kandor. I'm so lost, but they promise to explain soon. Wednesday, Paul says he'll have Swamp Thing Vol 2 for me. I'm such a dork but I'm loved so it's alright.
On TV: Nothing yet listening to Craftborg and then Fraggle Rock


Magius said...

you are totally loved :c)

I personally liked the Mediator series, i thought it was origional, but maybe that's jsut me. You know i'm a looser like that :cp

miss you tons

Lumie said...

I'm looking for Avalon High but Mediator was just a trial to get through so I gave it up.