Saturday, October 14, 2006

I've finished my first sock, and I have casted on its mate. For those that care I'm just starting the leg. Turning the heel only required Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot and the pattern. I have two more pairs of socks to knit before the winter solstice. They are anniversary and birthday gifts respectively. Also I'm in need of ideas. I have bought black and gold sock yarn for game day Saturday's for me. I need to figure out what pattern I want to make them into. So far I'm leaning towards the Flat Iron Clog Sock pattern I found via Lime and Violet at
Other finished items in the Holiday pile include the felted bowls for the Nixons. I still need to do a second round of felting for the blue bowls. Nina's scarf is still finished, and Jen's scarf is still looking at me wondering why I pay attention to the other yarns and not it.
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