Friday, August 18, 2006

I had to replace my air mattress today. It was sad because the new queen mattress is smaller than the old mattress but I won't need to fill it up three times a night. It was also on sale much to my surprise. I splurged on House Season 1 while at Target (it was on sale). I also bought a much needed hammer and new candles for my scounce.
Lunch was wonderful at Sweet Chari-tea where I finally caved and bought two of their wonderful handmade, leather tulip napkin ring holders in yellow and blue. I was able to read during lunch. Anne has just found out the truth about Mr. Elliot. She never liked him but this is the icing on the cake.
After lunch I went to Unwind to spend my birthday coupon. I was look for potential yarn for Carmen. I found nothing but a new bag for me and the summer and fall Interweave Knit. I also found out about new dpns coming into the store. I must have them.
On my needles is a scallop and fan scarf in a varigated blue running from a blueish green to teal. The yarn is made from Bamboo. I love it, and Sean picked it out. Photos to come.
On tv: Nothing I'm listening to Insubordiknit podcast.

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Chris said...

"I won't need to fill it up three times a night" - I have slept on an air mattress, whoa that must have been soooo anoying! Hope you new one is spot on and very comfortable?