Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First post, I'm a little bit frightened and fear I will have absolutely no eliquence. I created this so that I could comment on the podcast craft lit. It's wonderful all should check it out. So about me, I'm an anthropology graduate student who is almost finished with my masters. I just need to finish my thesis. In my spare time I knit, read and try to keep myself entertained.
I am planning on using this blog to bore people with tales of my knitting and my readings for fun. Currently on needles (because I am afraid if I do to many projects I'll never finish) is a baby blanket for my future niece. While I love the idea of being an aunt and all of the knitting opportunities this will bring, the blanket is boring. I can't wait to finish and block the thing. I'm currently on my last ball of yarn. The next project is a knit 1 purl 1 scarf in greens to teach myself how to properly purl (joy). Then I have a beautiful sock yarn coming which may tempt me into knitting up some socks. Who knows?
On the fun reading front, I'm looking at my bookshelf and reading all the books I've bought but haven't gotten to read yet. It's mainly children's literature and genre fiction such as sci-fi/fantasy and mystery's. This month for the Murder Mystery reading group, I just finished Aunt Dimity's Death. It was too cute and I want to try the oatmeal cookie receipe. Children's lit that I've been reading are The Children of the Red King series by Jenny Nimo. The series is great and the conclusion was worth it. If you can get past the first half of the first book which is similar to Harry Potter, you will find a fast paced series that is full of unique and complex characters who grow and change as the five books progress.
Also, Happy Belated Birthday Stephen. I promise next year Sean won't be in charge of gift buying.
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