Sunday, September 30, 2007

Edit: I took another photo of me in the sweater post blocking. I hope this time the sweater doesn't look like a cartoon character. I think I look a little stoned but whatever.
Carmen the product review will come later once I've used the bag longer.
I finished Snow White. I had casted it on Monday September 10th. On the 11th, I found out that yes there is no way this sweater will fit me. It included frogging it around my body in just my bra and jeans in the living room. I couldn't bring myself to cut the yarn. I had finished the main part of the body by the 16th. The first sleeve took me a week and the second took me less time. I had joined the sleeves to the body and finished the sweater yesterday afternoon.

This sweater rocked because it was so portable. I could take the different pieces in the round with me everywhere and knit where ever I was. This caused a knitter to give me an odd look in the bank, and a nonknitter in the coffee shop to ask me how long it took me to learn. She said she had been wanting to learn. The sweater is still blocking on my floor and I can't wait to be able to wear the sweater out. I don't like the preblocked photo of me in the sweater, but it can't be helped I live alone so craptastic self photos get taken.

The pattern is 14 pages long when you print it out. It goes from size XS-3XL. The written out instructions are step by step and VERY easy to follow. The ribbing is flattering and the cut of the sleeves is unique. I think it would be a great first sweater project because the instructions are so clear.
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Jen Smith said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see it after blocking.

Be on the lookout for a package . . . I couldn't part with my second skein of Oregon Red Honey Clover so I'm having a fresh skein delivered to you. :)

David McIntyre said...

It sort of looks like the tall guy on Foster's.

Lumie said...

My sweater looks like a cartoon character?