Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Alright a life update, I was invited to lunch last Wednesday for a department lunch at CPK. As former roommates can tell you I LOVE CPK. I can eat off of every section of the menu. I'm a vegetarian this is very rare.
So we went to lunch today and my wonderful coworkers totally surprised me by having this lunch as an engagement shower. It was mildly spoiled, but I was not expecting a gift. My boss gave me a card (which was beautiful Jen I need to show it to you). I looked at it and thought I could totally make this. I was reading all of the lovely things that my coworkers wrote and saw there was two bills in there one was a $20. I flipped over to see what the card really said and exclaimed Oh my God. I am still in shock I got teased with what you thought we just gave you 20. The money went strait into the savings account and into the wedding fund.
It was lovely. I do love the people I work with.
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jenni said...

a bit off topic, but I forgot to answer your question in the comments on my blog. I found the bamboo dpns at, where else, Ball and Skein and More. My retail Mecca.

The Tuesday Knitting group is mostly SLO folks who are rather loyal to the store in Pismo that I haven't been to yet. They don't seem to like the Ball and Skein store or ladies. So I'm the lone advocate for the store.